Incorporate your eco-friendly lifestyle into every aspect of your life by choosing a pillow filled with organic materials. With so many options to choose from, you will not only get a great night sleep, but you will also rest assured that you are using natural materials. With so many natural options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect alternative to your standard synthetic materials. Following is a list of the top ten organic options.

• One of the most common choices for organic material is goose down for a light and fluffy pillow. Not only is it soft, but it is good choice for allergy sufferers.

• Although very similar to goose down, duck down is becoming a popular alternative to goose feather as duck feathers are smaller and create an even fluffier and softer pillow.

• Organic cotton filling is an obvious choice for pillow filling for those who do not need a lot of support, as cotton tends to harden and compact quicker than most alternatives.

• Hemp can be very similar to organic cotton when woven into the pillow packing. This natural material can be both firm and soft, however if hemp is not spun into the pillow, the fibers can be long and coarse and less comfortable that you may be used to.

• Using wool is another option and offers good support as the blend of curly fibers from sheep and alpaca wool is resilient and soft. This non-allergenic material is durable and will whisk away moisture, keeping your head cool and comfortable all night long.

• Another filling made from animals is a pillow filled with horsehair. Horsehair is a coarse material which will allow for a firm pillow, which will retain its shape.

• The lesser known material, Kapok is made from the silk floss tree and resembles the qualities of silk. The Kapok filling makes for a firm pillow, which will not crush easily, will form to your body and then reverts to original fluffiness.

• Buckwheat provides a very firm pillow filling. Aside from the extreme firmness, buckwheat filling is recommended for treating headaches, neck and back pain and even snoring, among other things.

• The use of millet seeds has become a popular seed option. Millet seeds are tiny seeds that fill the pillow and like buckwheat, has the ability to easy aches and pains.

• Natural latex is another excellent organic filling to use in your pillows. The material of natural latex is comparable to foam pillows. Latex filler creates a spring, bouncy pillow that will increase your comfort as it maintains its shape.

Whatever material you choose for your organically filled pillow, you know you will be taking another small step to creating a better environment.


I compiled a list of printed designs that will energize any room. I have found that the simplest pattern can make a bold statement. These prints will awaken style and even bring back memories.

1.) I associate natural and delicate with this leafless tree print set. At first glance, the frail limbs appear real, and each are likely to break as soon as you touch the pillowcase. The standalone trees will harmonize the natural colors and wood tones of the bedroom.

2.) The boom box makes an appearance in the new millennium with this double stereo resembling handmade screen-prints of T-shirts past. The double sound system has a vintage appearance with this faded or slightly distressed print. This will bring a young sense of style to any modish area.

3.) We are living in the age where single words dominate our lives. Single word t-shirts, photos with hands holding a word and billboards telling adults what to do like “Vote”. Newlyweds will fancy rising every morning to their cursive, “just married” pillows to remind them of who they are to each other.

4) I don’t think one ever gets too old to display pink in their bedroom. Especially when the word “love” is in a super-sized, block font. This bright colored print set will make each person who went to bed angry wake up with love on their mind.

5) For the geek in each of us, let the tech inside shine, and take over the room with this unique pillow accentuating the need to read. I thought that the glasses without arms that are placed over the ears raise this strong fashion statement to true geekdom. The glass area has three white stripes I guess to accentuate the bright glare from the computer screen.

6) “I want to rock and roll all night”. I can’t rock a simple guitar tune, but I can rock n’ roll in my sleep with this smart guitar and amplifier print set. This 80s rock n’ roll art is detailed down to the cord connecting the guitar to the amplifier on the other pillow. I can hear a distant guitar note drift in the air.

7) When I first saw this stenciled cage and bird, I did a double take. The thick lines are crafted to resemble a three-dimensional cage including the hook with which to lift the bottom away from curious cats. I think this reprint blends perfectly in any sunroom, outdoor patio area, or bedroom.

8) I have seen owl jewelry, owl baby hats, and now it is time to update the trend. These simple depicted owls stand at attention waiting for the night to comfort sleepy heads. The wise pillow set updates any bedroom. I think those with an over active imagination may feel they are smothering their feathered friends, but they must be reminded that these owls hold their breath.

9) “May I have a cup of tea?” This phrase sticks in my mind when I imagine peering through the Mister and Misses glasses set that are highly popular. The Groucho Marx bushy mustache and sunglasses pillow are paired with the woman’s glasses hanging from a dainty chain. I think this matching husband and wife set can even bring a smile to the toughest cynic.

10) I first thought of “Moby Dick” with this original, illustrated printed pillow of the captain taming the whale. This print feels like they are ripped from the pages of a magical fable. This pillow with striking color reminds adults of childhood fancies, and of loved ones reading storybooks. I can see this adventure brightening a child’s or a seafarer’s bedroom.

Body Pillow

Body pillows are designed for giving you a better nights rest by supporting your body in a number of different ways. Most commonly used by women during pregnancy, body pillows can also be used by those who simply find comfort in sleeping with them. A body pillow is typically the length of your body in size and not much wider than an average pillow. You can find body pillows at most stores that specialize in carrying bedding, pillow, and comfort items. There are many different styles and types of body pillows that can be found at these stores and online.

The basic body pillow design is rectangular in shape and much longer than your average pillow. These are usually used for back support when laying and sitting against it. If you are simply looking for a large pillow that can be used as a back rest, the basic body pillow as in ideal choice. This may or may not provide you with a better nights sleep. More advanced body pillows actually surround the entire body. For those that toss and turn during the night, these body pillows will keep you in place while relieving tension throughout your body. If you commonly deal with neck and back pain while sleeping, this body pillow will provide you with a more comfortable night of sleep.

Other features within body pillows that could allow you to sleep better include the type of filling that is used in it. Memory foam and down are two of the most common fillings that are used within body pillows. Memory foam conforms to your body’s shape and is a firm type of pillow. While more expensive than down body pillows, the memory foam ones typically provide users with better sleep overall. There are also body pillows that are made for certain types of conditions, providing support to the areas that need it the most. For example, a pregnancy pillow helps women to sleep on their side during the night while giving them extra back support and accommodating their growing belly throughout the pregnancy process.

Flat or Full? Pillow Sizes Explained

pillow sizes

The standards are in place, when measuring pillows. The cover width and length of the casing of a pillow, un-stuffed, is what used to measure the size of the flat pillow. While a pillow is lying flat and un-stuffed, the measurement will be made along the course of each seam, using the corners for end points. Measurements made are standardized and rounded if they are in-between whole inches. This is important for knowing which pillow cases to purchase for bed pillow such as king-size and queen-size.

Full pillows are not the actual size that is measure. The stuffing would need to be removed and the case laid in a flat state to get the true measurement of the pillow. Should a pillow casing measure to 19.3 inches by 19.3 inches in a flat, unfilled state, it would be considered a 20 inch by 20 inch size pillow. When the same pillow is filled with stuffing or a foam form, it could be measured at 18 inches by 18 inches, but that is not the standard size, that is the full size for the sake of description and actual size.

Some of the familiar sizes that most of us rest our heads upon each night are the King Size Pillowcase. The dimensions, when laying flat, are 20 inches by 36 inches or the slightly longer pillowcase of 20 inches by 40 inches. This is the largest pillow in standard production that is offered in stores that carry bedding and linens. When purchasing a set of linens for a king size bed, these will be included in the set in pairs. When pillows are full, there is a curvature to their dimension that changes their length and width measurement.

To get an actual length and width of a full pillow, the corners will be ignored. Instead, a straight line that is tangent to the full side of the pillow, drawn down to the side being measured, cutting off about an inch of the corners, would be the end points. It could be best to use this type of measurement of any pillow, as space can be at a premium in some bedrooms. Therefore, using the actual full pillow size dimensions, when scouting out how many pillows will fit in a bedroom, can be more accurate than flat.

Is Your Pillow Giving You Neck Pain?


The bed pillow is one of the items that garners the least attention when selecting items for the bedroom. First for most people comes the design and décor if the room, especially if it is decorated for the first child. The attention paid to the look of the room is gratifying and of course it is the first thing noticed when friends or relatives visit.

The look of the bed may be also important, and the mattress quality also a consideration. But the lowly bed pillow does not get a whole lot of forethought and often is selected by price or size alone.

The lower back need the support of a good mattress, with enough substance to keep the body aligned correctly during sleep. This helps prevent the disc degeneration that plagues so many older people. This degeneration begins in young people, and is exacerbated by sports, injuries, and accidents. Years of sleeping on the wrong mattress only serve to aggravate the condition.

The bed pillow ranks right up there with the mattress in its importance to back and spine support. The spine in the neck is subject to all sorts of stresses and requires the same care as the rest if the back. Degenerative discs can occur quite frequently in the neck, and this area is very sensitive to injury during sports and accidents. The whiplash effect on the neck from activities is all too common.

The bed pillow should be selected based on size, thickness and firmness. The material should be chosen for its non-allergy properties, and a proper cover is necessary. The neck will spend a lot of hours on this pillow and the importance of support cannot be overstated.
Look for the labels that refer to the type of sleeper that will be using this particular pillow. A side-sleeper will require a different kind of supportive pillow than a person who sleeps mostly on their back. Likewise, some will find a firmer or softer pillow can make a difference in how they feel in the morning.

Look harder and spend a little more time when making the purchase of your next pillow, good and regenerative sleep can depend on it.


Even many adults don’t take much time in choosing the right pillows for their beds. Pillows come in standard sizes and firmness. While an adult may choose pillows for the firmness desired, often little other consideration or thought goes into what they sleep on every night. There is even less thought and consideration to the pillows chosen for their children.

If a child gets attached to a particular pillow, regardless of size, the parent will, most likely, allow them to use that pillow without a thought that the pillow might not be suitable. However, parents and other adults who care for kids need to consider the size of the pillow and to find pillows that support the alignment of the child’s head and neck.

When a baby is born parents, grandparents, aunts and friends like to give gifts to them. Included in the gifts might be a blanket with a small, cute matching pillow. While the pillow makes a nice keepsake for the child, it is not a good idea to use the pillow for a young child. Babies, especially, cannot move easily and do not have the dexterity to free themselves from an awkward position, including head face down in a soft pillow. Children should not regularly use pillows of any size until they are, at least, three years of age.

When choosing a pillow for children, consider several factors, including the size and age of the children. It is not a good idea to let a young child simply use one of the extra adult pillows in the house. Pillows made for adults are often either too firm or too soft and are too big, allowing for the misalignment of the head, neck and spine. The best pillow choices for kids are pillows that are smaller and cradle the head and neck, yet have enough firmness to provide support. Start with airline-sized pillows and work up as they grow.

Memory foam pillows tend to be a positive pillow choice for children as these provide good support. They are especially beneficial for kids with medical problems that deal with the head, spine and neck. Child-sized U-shaped neck pillows provide a choice that helps hold your little one’s head in proper position.

More and more children seem to have problems with allergies or specific sensitivities. Stay away from large, soft pillows or ones stuffed with feathers. Choose pillows that block dust mites and are allergen-free. Organic pillows are also an option.

A pillow won’t do any good if they refuse to use it! Kids can be picky! When choosing pillows for children, factor in their own preferences as well.

buckwheat pillows

There are many pillows out there claiming that they offer the best support for your neck. Well one of the better pillows available is buckwheat pillows. These pillows are very affordable and are great for relaxing at home or while on vacation. One of the best places to purchase these wonderful pillows is They have a huge selection of pillows and are very affordable.

One of their more popular selections is the Ergonomic Lumbar Pillow. The best feature about this pillow is that is allows air circulation to pass through it. This allows the pillow to remain cool and dry at all times. No longer will you have to flip the pillow over again to get to the cool side. Another great thing about this pillow is that it does not compress under pressure. This is great because the pillow will remain soft and support the neck when you sleep. This in turn reduces the stress and pain on the person’s neck. Normal pillows do not have this feature, which is why this pillow is popular among many people. People can pay with check, debit cards, and any other method of payment.

Another popular pillow made by this company is the Comfort Bolster. Again, this pillow also has constant air circulation flowing through it making it cool at all times. The pillow is made out of Human consumption grade A buckwheat hulls. The pillow also provides nice support to the neck allowing people to get a good night’s sleep.

What is a Buckwheat Pillow?

buckwheat pillow inside

Buckwheat pillows are an alternative to more traditional types of pillows that provide support for the head and neck while also helping alleviate other body aches and pains. They are specially designed to improve sleep and enhance comfort, and feature tiny buckwheat hulls sewn inside a soft, sturdy outer fabric.

Many people use pillows that are filled with synthetic fibers, foam or down. Although these types of pillows are comfortable when they are new, they eventually lose volume as their contents become compressed. Pillows that become flattened with regular use do not conform to the shapes of a user’s head and neck, which results in uncomfortable bending and straining in the neck region. Buckwheat pillows offer a solution to common problems associated with worn-out pillows. This kind of pillow are filled with small, durable hulls that will not lose their volume, allowing them to maintain their original shape after years of use. They continuously support the shape of a user’s head, neck and shoulders by molding to the body’s contours. This helps eliminate pain in the upper half of the body, headaches and restless sleep patterns.

Buckwheat pillows are a natural alternative to cushions containing synthetic materials. They do not contain toxins that can harm the body. Instead, the pillows’ buckwheat hulls come from organically grown plants. These hulls allow air flow within a pillow form, keeping the pillow fresh and ventilated on a daily basis. Some buckwheat pillows also feature aromatherapy benefits, which help enhance the quality of sleep.

Inhabit Why Not Pillow

Anyone who has been in my home knows how much I love graphic prints featuring typeface and lettering! I love things like this pillow! They allow parts of my personality to really shine through in my decorating, and they look fabulous!

I simply love these pillows from Inhabit. From the Graphic Pillows collection, they feature different sayings on the front, such as “Why Not?” and “Change Your Life”. On the reverse is an encouraging write-up relating to the saying. Plus, these pillows are made from 100% sustainable recycled polyester, are handprinted and handmade, and use environmentally-friendly inks with no chemical waste or disposal generated. The Inhabit Why Not Pillow is recyclable at the end of its life-cycle.

Twill Organic Pillow

Twill Organic Pillow

This pillow is made of 100% SKAL certified organic cotton. The pattern is visually soft and made up of diagonal dashes. Pair it with the matching Twill Organic Blanket for a wonderful and natural look. Wondering where to find this incredible SKAL certified blanket that will go perfectly with this softly understated but perfect for almost any decor pillow? Of course you are! And of course you can find it on my site! Check out the amazing organic twill blanket right here.

As with it’s blanket brother, this pillow has been given the SKAL stamp of approval, meaning its truly organic and that the honest people of the Netherlands agree!