Red Threads Duvet Cover

Red Threads Duvet Cover

As a designer, I am always on the lookout for great bedding for a man’s room, and even though this would look great in anyone’s bedroom, I think it has a masculine quality that even the most discerning dude would love.

This gorgeous duvet cover from Red Threads has simple, handsome, clean lines. This fine-tuned linear design intertwines with harmonious colors displaying sophisticated simplicity and elegance. The modern, soothing colors of blue and brown nourishes the soul by cocooning us in serenity and comfort. The accompanying sheet set is white with double pleats and 100% cotton sateen with 300 thread count that is woven in Italy. This is the good stuff!

600 Thread Count Reversible Duvet Cover Set

Once you’ve had the good fortune of sleeping on 600 thread count sheets, there’s no going back. The 600 Thread Count Reversible Duvet Cover Set provides the utmost in quality and comfort. Made with an outstanding high quality 100% cotton, the set includes a duvet cover and sham. Available in full, king, and queen sizes, and in a range of tasteful colors, this set will transform your bed into the most comfortable and luxurious space yet.

Curious about what thread count means? Technically, thread count means the number of threads that have been woven together in every square inch. This means you count both lengthwise and widthwise to get the actual number of threads. For example, 100 lengthwise threads woven with 100 widthwise threads will result in a thread count of 200.­ This is why the higher the thread count, the denser and more luxurious the material feels. It also means that the price goes up along with that count.

Blissliving Home Duvet Set

Blissliving Home Duvet Set

This Blissliving Home Duvet Set is a vibrant duvet set that’s sure to liven any bedroom interior. Inspired by the look of a vineyard during harvest time in France, this breathtaking Blissliving Home Duvet Set will create a modern atmosphere of style and sophistication.

A large and beautiful graphic of oversized leaves is tastefully composed with a range of brilliant and satisfying colors. A gradient technique used on the print is reminiscent of a sunset and what could be better to see in your room everyday? Made with a 300 thread count, you’ll feel the difference, and get a quality product that will last for years to come.

As far as cleaning this duvet set, I would actually recommend that you have it professionally cleaned. Home washers and dryers are probably not suitable for this kind of material. Taking it to a dry cleaner will not only ensure that it gets the best treatment and clean possible, but also that your duvet will maintain its quality for much longer, something to consider when you spend good money on bedding.

DwellStudio Sketch Duvet

DwellStudio Sketch Duvet

Illustrating the first pencil sketch of a pattern and the beginning of an idea, this new set by Dwell studio showcases their attention to design details. I love the complete simplicity of this duvet cover, with its extremely subtle patterning and elegant white with fine lines of pattern. It combines elements of both masculine and feminine attributes, which makes it the perfect design for anyone’s bedroom.

DwellStudio Sketch illustrations focus on reducing the decorative to its essential elements, creating a fresh, minimal style. Available in a rich color-palette of deep ink on manila, this duvet cover would look great with a number of different colors if you’re looking for something perfect to match your current sheet set. It’s also made of 100% cotton sateen and has a luxurious 400 thread count.

Duvet Filling Insert

Duvet Filling Insert

You know how your very expensive duvet starts to lose it’s fluff after years of use? This top quality insert for Linenfold® Duvet covers fixes all of that. These duvet inserts are constructed for supreme comfort and warmth. The inserts are available with either Duck Down or Hypoallergenic Enviroloft® fills. This duvet is power-filled, hypoallergenic, and double-stitched.
And for the record, I’ve had some messages asking me what exactly a duvet insert is – the answer is that its the down filled comforter that you put inside a duvet cover!

Wine Colored Queen Duvet Cover Set

Queen Duvet Cover Set

If you want to add some vibrant and elegant color and energy to your bedroom, let me recommend this wine-colored Queen Duvet Cover Set as a way of doing it. This gorgeous, richly colored set will fill your room with its sultry palette of colors, and sooth you into a state of pure serenity. T

The combination of merlot-esque reds and brown is a beautiful pairing and your room will feel like a comforting and peaceful place to relax in. The Duvet set comes with duvet cover and pair of pillow shams. One of the great things about this particular set of colors is that it can easily blend in with a bedroom that has basic colors in it already, like whites, browns, and greys.

Pin-up Inspired Duvet Cover

Pin-up Inspired Duvet Cover

Wowee! I absolutely love the cool and sexy design of this duvet cover! I am a big fan of the pin-up girl aesthetic – I have a fabulous Bettie Page print hanging in my office, in fact! Far from your regular looking duvet cover, this Pin-up Inspired Duvet Cover will certainly turn a lot of heads.

Featuring photographic reproductions of pin-up styled girls, your room will be treated to the classic beauty of these tantalizing women. Made with a 100% cotton sateen and featuring a 300 thread count, this Pin-up Inspired Duvet Cover is ultra soft and made to last. And these sheets don’t discriminate, they are available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes.

Modern Duvet Cover Set in Red Taupe

Red and taupe is one of my absolute favorite color combinations, so I was thrilled to come across this fabulous bedding set which makes perfect use of those two colors in a sophisticated blocked pattern. This Modern Duvet Cover Set in Red Taupe is the perfect way to create a bedroom full of style and refined taste.

The set features simple, clean lines with an exotic color palette that exudes passion and pure elegance. The Modern Duvet Cover Set in Red Taupe will transform your bedroom into an alluring den full of radiating energy. The blanket is made with 100% cotton sateen and features a 300 thread count.

Modern Duvet Cover Set in Chartreuse

This Modern Duvet Cover Set in Chartreuse is the perfect way to create a bedroom full of style and refined taste. The set features simple, clean lines with an aesthetically pleasing color palette that exudes sophistication and pure elegance.

The Modern Duvet Cover Set in Chartreuse will breathe new life into your room with it’s fresh hues of lime, tan and cream. For those asking what exactly the color chartreuse is, its basically a pale yellowish green color that is inspired by the fancy liquer of the same name. The blanket is made with 100% cotton sateen and features a 300 thread count.

Shadow Silk Duvet Cover Set in Gold Brown

Create an alluring and sultry bedroom with this eclectic Shadow Silk Duvet Cover Set in Gold Brown. Vibrating with a rhythm of soothing colors, your room will be transformed into a space of indulgence and beauty. I love the idea of using this color palette in a room that has more subtle colors and design elements, both in the choice of furniture and wall and floor colorings.

Inspired by the tones of a desert sunset, the Shadow Silk Duvet Cover Set in Gold Brown has a dramatic color palette including gold, purple, ginger spice, and olive brown. This luxurious set will give your bedroom warmth, style, and coziness, and will elevate it to a sophisticated design height.