Many homeowners and individuals use a duvet in their bedroom. While a duvet can provide warmth and create a great appearance, they have several downsides. Most duvets consist of a waterproof cover, a filler material, and a cloth covering. The filler material can be goose down, polyester or nylon.

Many people are not allergic to the duvet or the filler material. Older duvets can accumulate a large number of dust mites and other microscopic pests. Dust mites feed on human skin, and excrete a fine dust. This dust is an allergen for many people. While dust mites aren’t harmful to one’s health, they can be a headache.

The best way to eliminate dust mites from a duvet is by washing bedding material every two weeks. In addition, it’s important to shower before going to bed. While this may seem like a waste of time, a shower is a good way to eliminate dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin. These can be an excellent food source for dust mites.

Some people may be allergic to the goose down found in some duvets. While most duvets are made from a hypo-allerginic goose down, there are some types of material that are not processed. Many home-made duvets can create an allergic reaction for susceptible individuals.

Always avoid placing a duvet directly over one’s face when sleeping. In addition, a bed sheet between one’s body and a duvet is a good way to reduce the spread of allergens.

duvet cleaning

There is nothing worse than looking at your down-filled duvet comforter and noticing a stain. From the moment you see it, the only think you can think about is getting that darn stain out. Whether the stain was made by food, beverages or some other pesky substance, the mere presence of such a blemish is nothing short of irritating.

However, the good news regarding your down-filled duvet is that many of them can be washed in a washing machine using cold water and regular laundry detergent. Once you notice the duvet has been soiled, remove it from the bed, place it in the washer alone and add the appropriate amount of detergent as per the directions on the soap bottle. Wash on a gentle to medium cold water cycle.
If the down-filled duvet is soiled with a stain which is notoriously tough such as blood or red wine, you may wish to use a pre-treatment product made specifically for that substance.

Generally, the pre-treatment is applied directly to the stain and allowed to set for a few minutes. The duvet is then washed in the washing machine using regular detergent. Some pre-treatment products recommend using a soft-bristled toothbrush to work the pre-treatment into the stain.

The important thing with your down-filled duvet comforter is that you do not place it in the dryer. Hang it over a clothes line or over the backs of several chairs to dry. This is because while the stain may seem as if it has disappeared when the comforter is still wet, once dry, the stain may still appear. If the stain is still present, you’ll want to re-launder the duvet. If you have placed it into the dryer, the stain will have already set, meaning it can no longer be removed.

One exception to cleaning stains on your down-filled duvet comforter is if the piece is old or fragile. In this case, wash the stain under cold water while gently working in a mild detergent with a soft-bristled toothbrush inside a large sink or tub. This spares the rest of the fabric from the vigorous washing machine process.

The moral of the story is, even if an unwanted stain suddenly surprises you on your down-filled duvet, a quick washing and a little elbow grease should remove the stain leaving your comforter stain-free and fresh.


home cleaning down duvets

When cleaning a duvet or down comforters it is important to be as careful as possible. You should always check the tag or the manufacturers recommendations before cleaning to ensure the duvet does not shrink or become damaged. When possible, you should have the duvet professionally cleaned; however, if you must do it yourself, here are some tips to ensure a safe cleaning.

You should evaluate the cleanliness of the duvet. You will want to spot clean when possible. If your duvet only has a couple of small stains, it may be safer and more effective to simply clean the stained areas with a stain remover such as Resolve or Oxi Magic. If dirt is more apparent and a full machine wash is required. When machine washing, you should still follow some basic precautions.

When machine washing, you will want to use a gentle detergent such as Tide Free, which do not have dyes or perfumes. They are not only good for duvets, but for sensitive skin and allergies. You will also want to wash the duvet by itself. Washing with other fabrics can cause the dyes to leak on to your duvet; in addition, you will want as much room in your washer as possible.

Lastly, you should air dry your duvet. If you must use a dryer, make sure to set the dry heat to low or delicates. Using a dryer on high heat can cause the duvet fillings to clump and can also cause shrinkage.

children kid duvet

A duvet is a large quilt-like comforter. The filling, usually a type of down or synthetic substitute, is inserted into a removable and washable cover. Duvets are far more popular in Europe than North America, but they are becoming more common in today’s busy and hectic world. Some people may mistake a duvet for a comforter. However, duvets are much more practical and durable than comforters due to the removable, washable cover.

Traditionally, a duvet is used as a single bed cover, replacing multiple layers of sheets and blankets. This is why they have become much more popular. Rather than having layers of sheets and blankets to flatten and tuck, there is only one duvet that must be straightened. By using a duvet, you can make a bed in a matter of seconds versus minutes.

Washing the bedding also becomes much simpler, due to having only one piece of laundry. All of the duvet covers for the entire family can be done in one load of laundry versus multiple loads when the beds are made with sheets and blankets.

One question many parents have is if duvets are okay to use for their children. The simple answer is “yes.” Again, the convenience factor cannot be ignored. Having the child learn to make his or her own bed as a matter of habit becomes much easier with a duvet. There is one caveat. If you have small children, it is better to purchase lighter weight duvets for them. This will be more comfortable for the child in terms of weight and heat.

duvet cleaning

Companies who manufacture down comforters (also known as duvets) usually recommend washing them every five years if necessary. You want to be careful to not wash them that often, as it can damage the clusters. Washing it can also shrink your duvet about 3% to 5%.

Because duvets don’t actually need to be cleaned that often, we really recommend that their cleaning be done by a dry cleaner or a commercial laundry service that has experience in cleaning down comforters.

To simply do a spot clean on your duvet, follow these instructions:

1. Shift the down filling away from the area you are going to spot clean.
2. Use a mild soap or spot remover and gently rub it into the spot that needs cleaning.
3. Rinse well with water while avoiding getting the down filling wet.
4. Use a hair dryer to dry the duvet.

Red Threads Duvet Cover

Red Threads Duvet Cover

As a designer, I am always on the lookout for great bedding for a man’s room, and even though this would look great in anyone’s bedroom, I think it has a masculine quality that even the most discerning dude would love.

This gorgeous duvet cover from Red Threads has simple, handsome, clean lines. This fine-tuned linear design intertwines with harmonious colors displaying sophisticated simplicity and elegance. The modern, soothing colors of blue and brown nourishes the soul by cocooning us in serenity and comfort. The accompanying sheet set is white with double pleats and 100% cotton sateen with 300 thread count that is woven in Italy. This is the good stuff!

California King Comforter Set

If you want a bedding set that’s understated, yet elegant, the California King Comforter Set is perfect for you. This traditional set will be an excellent addition to your home with it’s subtle beauty and soft gray and green colors. The California King Comforter Set features a gold woven design that’s tastefully incorporated into the set. For a cohesive look, the bedskirt has been adorned with the same colors and pattern. This set comes with everything you need to complete the look of a tasteful and inviting bedroom.

Because it comes with everything you need, this is a great all-in-one gift for someone who just got a new king sized bed, or is handy to keep in the linen closet for a quick re-design of the bedroom! Remember, this is a cotton set, so keep it clean by washing in cold water and either air drying it or drying it on a very cool setting on your dryer.

600 Thread Count Reversible Duvet Cover Set

Once you’ve had the good fortune of sleeping on 600 thread count sheets, there’s no going back. The 600 Thread Count Reversible Duvet Cover Set provides the utmost in quality and comfort. Made with an outstanding high quality 100% cotton, the set includes a duvet cover and sham. Available in full, king, and queen sizes, and in a range of tasteful colors, this set will transform your bed into the most comfortable and luxurious space yet.

Curious about what thread count means? Technically, thread count means the number of threads that have been woven together in every square inch. This means you count both lengthwise and widthwise to get the actual number of threads. For example, 100 lengthwise threads woven with 100 widthwise threads will result in a thread count of 200.­ This is why the higher the thread count, the denser and more luxurious the material feels. It also means that the price goes up along with that count.

Ornate Comforter Set

Ornate Comforter Set

If you want to make a statement in the bedroom, what better way than to do it with the color of gold. This Ornate Comforter Set features a bold ornate floral pattern set against a graphic of lattice. The Ornate Comforter Set features a great combination of deep browns and gold and you surely see and feel the impact that this set in the bedroom. Great attention has been paid to the finer details on this set, with thick cording added on all pieces to enhance durability. This set has everything you need to transform your bedroom into a regal looking affair.

Comforters with complex and ornate patterns like this are often used in hotels and at cottages, because they are easy to keep up as far as appearance goes. This makes them ideal for guest rooms, and as mentioned, for bedding at the cottage or lakehouse, where it is far greater a chore to constantly be washing and drying bedding.

Blissliving Home Duvet Set

Blissliving Home Duvet Set

This Blissliving Home Duvet Set is a vibrant duvet set that’s sure to liven any bedroom interior. Inspired by the look of a vineyard during harvest time in France, this breathtaking Blissliving Home Duvet Set will create a modern atmosphere of style and sophistication.

A large and beautiful graphic of oversized leaves is tastefully composed with a range of brilliant and satisfying colors. A gradient technique used on the print is reminiscent of a sunset and what could be better to see in your room everyday? Made with a 300 thread count, you’ll feel the difference, and get a quality product that will last for years to come.

As far as cleaning this duvet set, I would actually recommend that you have it professionally cleaned. Home washers and dryers are probably not suitable for this kind of material. Taking it to a dry cleaner will not only ensure that it gets the best treatment and clean possible, but also that your duvet will maintain its quality for much longer, something to consider when you spend good money on bedding.