red sheex cooling bedsheets

If you are anything like me, it takes you about .001 seconds in bed before you find yourself overheating and trying to kick away the bedding so that your body can get at that cool air. I have always wanted to find the kind of bedding that would give me the comforting feeling of being under covers, but not smother me with heat! A company called Sheex out of South Carolina claims to have done just that. According to their website, this company has a very interesting story of how they came to be. From their own words:

“On August 25, 2007, Michelle Brooke-Marciniak and Susan Walvius were coaching basketball at the University of South Carolina. They had just finished a long day of teaching at camp and we were sitting in the gym, exhausted. Michelle, a superstar athlete and fitness fanatic, was wearing her favorite performance fabric athletic gear in which she frequently trained. Susan was also wearing the same gear but made a different connection on that summer day. Where Michelle liked it for its superior moisture-wicking and quick-dry features while working out, Susan stated that she “loved the drape and the feel of the fabric against her skin” and then commented “I would love to have bed sheets made out of this stuff.” Without blinking an eye, Michelle said “let’s do it.” So began their adventure to transform the bedding category and help people get a better night’s sleep on performance fabrics.”

They call the material SLEEP TECH™ fabric, and if it works like they say it does, it could solve the problems that many of us who run pretty hot have at night. The material transfers body heat twice as effectively as cotton, and breathe 50% better. In fact, according to the creators, these sheets even feel cooler to the touch.

Naturally, as an interior designer, my interest also lies in what colors this “performance bedding” comes in, and I was very happy to see a sophisticated and sexy selection of colors, including black, ecru and graphite. I have recommended these sheets to a couple clients, but since I haven’t tried them myself, I will have to wait and hear back from them before making a full recommendation, although if these sheets live up to their claims, I’ll be getting a set for myself right away.

sheex cooling sheets

kids bedding

If your kids love animals (and if you love beautiful design) then check out this duvet and bedding set by Dwell Studios. The bedding boasts a pattern inspired by toys of the 1960’s and colors inspired by Italian designer Gio Ponti’s interiors in Italy.

These gorgeous and modern designs from Dwell will brighten your child’s room and inspire them to creativity. This set also features 100% brushed cotton canvas which is a soft yet durable material.

One of the best things about this particular duvet set is the lovely, muted colors that they’ve made the animals in the pattern. The blues and greens are extremely easy to work into your child’s room, regardless of the pre-existing color palette in the room. And, if you’ve decided to do an animal theme in their bedroom, this might be the perfect addition to the room, and be a great starting off point to base the rest of the decor around.

cool summer bedding

On a hot summer night some people have trouble sleeping due to the extreme heat and humidity. There are several options that a person has to help with this problem. One of these options will include installing an air conditioner. Not everyone is able to do this so they need to purchase bedding that is comfortable and cool to sleep with.

Some people will decorate their bedroom with bright color during the warm summer months. Spring and summer colors are meant to make people feel like they are in a warmer climates and it helps them to relax. This helps them to sleep better. It is easier to sleep if you are not sweating. The material that the sheets are made out of should let your skin breathe easy. Everyone has their own opinion on which type is better for them.

This will help keep the body at a temperature that is comfortable. Materials that are made from natural materials are best for this. If you are planning on purchasing cotton, it will be better to get the lower thread count because they will not be as thick. There is a big price difference in all of the brands of cotton sheets.

Bamboo is great because it is naturally anti-bacterial and also helps to regulate body temperature. Bamboo is not just for flooring and furniture. This is a luxury material and is becoming more popular.

Linen is also great because it allows the body to breathe easy and feels light when it is being used. It is not a real heavy material. These also feel silky and smooth and can help a person feel like they are sleeping in luxury.


Many people today are on a quest for better health, green living, and doing “just one thing” to help themselves and the environment. Today, I’d like to show you how this eco-friendly trend can start in the bedroom while you sleep. That’s right, while you sleep! There are many American companies making organic bedding and I want to share some of them with you so you can sleep better knowing you have made a difference in both the planet and the health of your family.

Let’s start with the mattress, shall we?

FoamOrder, a company out of San Francisco, California, offers organic natural mattresses and natural foam mattresses in sizes ranging from crib to California or Eastern King. They also offer pillows, wool toppers and cushions. An added bonus, their facility is even equipped with a solar powered manufacturing system. See for options.

Avoiding harmful chemicals doesn’t stop there, however. Look for organic sheets, pillowcases, and covers from companies like these:

Native Organic Cotton – located in El Segundo, California, makes organic cotton bedding and bath linens from Texas cotton. See their wares at

Brahms Mount – located in Hallowell, Maine, uses antique shuttle looms to craft natural fibers of cotton, lambswool and linen into beautiful throws, blankets, and crib blankets. Visit their website at

Probably the most impressive selection comes from Heart of Vermont, located in Barre, VT, making their products with cotton grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals and wool shorn from sheep that live the good life!

A partial listing of products includes: Futons – Organic Sheets – Pillows – Blankets – Comforters – Mattress Toppers – Beds – Chairs – Occasional Tables – Pillow Cases – Receiving Blankets – Shopping Bags – Baby Bibs – Baby “Moses” Baskets – Organic Sleep/Loungewear – Aprons – Bag Dispensers – Towels – Washcloths – Shower Curtains…and Pet Beds for our furry friends! See the rest of their offering at

organic vegan bedding

When someone says the word “vegan,” what do you think of? Most likely your response will be food, or a special diet. And while this lifestyle, which rejects not just meat but anything made from animal byproducts, is the most prevalent thing connected with that word in mainstream culture. However, there are other ways to observe a vegan lifestyle that have nothing to do with what you put in your mouth.

Vegan bedding and mattresses are those made with no components derived from animals of any kind. Therefore, you won’t find any wool used in a vegan mattress, because wool obviously comes from an animal. Instead, plant products like natural latex are used to give the mattress it’s softness. Sheets and comforters can be made from hemp or organic cotton.

Vegan bedding also has added heath benefits touted generously by those that use them, chief among them being that no potentially harmful chemicals are used in their making because they’re made from only natural products. Organic mattresses and bedding are also rumored to help those who suffer extensively from allergies and asthma due to their construction making these products dust mite-resistant.

So, if you’re looking to practice a greener, more organic lifestyle, where might you be able to find a vegan outfit for your bed? A good first stop would be, a website specializing in all things organic, particularly hemp and organic cotton. Their products are all made either in the United States or Europe, and guaranteed “sweatshop free.” Organic cotton sheets start at twelve dollars, and hemp ones at twenty six. While you’re there, and if you’re feeling curious, you can peruse the assortment of other homeopathic and organically-made products in their online shop.

For a vegan-friendly mattress, pay a visit to, purveyor of the Cozy Pure mattress. Their vegan mattress line features four vegan mattresses, all with batting made from organic plant fibers. Both innerspring and spring-free models are offered, so you can choose according to your preference.

The Furniture Home Design Store also has a wide selection of eco-friendly bedding, including organic cotton and bamboo sheets and comforters. is yet another place to find vegan-oriented bedding and products. They offer a comforter made entire from bamboo viscose fiber as part of their catalog. This website has the added benefit of a whole slew of products for infants. Everything from organic crib mattresses to organic crib sheets and blankets can be found on ecosleepshop in addition to an extensive canon of comforters, pillows, sheets, and the like.

satin and sateen

Despite the common misconception that satin and sateen sheets are synonymous, I have discovered that they are constructed of distinctly different fabrics. Although, Satin and sateen share a common woven structure, they differ in appearance, material, feel, durability, and eco-friendliness.

• Has a smooth, glossy, high-sheen appearance on the topside.
• Is Commonly constructed of man-made, fine synthetic threads such as rayon, polyester, acetate, or nylon. High-end satin, or charmeuse, is constructed of silk.
• Possesses a smooth, silky, sometimes slippery hand. A thread count is of no consideration because of the fine threads that are used in construction.
• Is a delicate fabric that is susceptible to snags and cannot bear high-heat. Hand-washing or delicate cycle washing is recommended.
• Is not considered to be friendly to the environment because it is primarily constructed of man-made materials, is generally not dipped in eco-friendly dyes, or available in organic form.

• Has a soft, smooth sheen on the topside, but is not shiny in appearance.
• Is commonly constructed of 100% cotton and is also available in combinations with hemp or bamboo.
• Has an extremely soft-smooth feel, that can vary by thread count and by the treatment of the cotton used in construction.
• Is a durable fabric that can be machine or hand washed and can be air or machine dried.
• Is readily available in 100% organic cotton that is free of harmful toxins and dyes.

How To Clean Silk Sheets

cleaning silk sheets

Silk sheets can be quite expensive and delicate. It is important to learn how to clean silk sheets. Below is a brief overview as to the best way to care for general silk sheets, but it is always best to follow specific care instructions for the brand that is being used.

Silk by nature is a strong fabric. It should not be washed in strong detergents that tend to strip away natural features. Woolite is a famous and gentle detergent that may people use to clean silk and other delicate materials. However, some manufacturers do not endorse the use of this soap.

The first few times that silk sheets are washed, they should be rinsed by hand to make them softer and keep them shiny. After that, they can be machine washed on a delicate cycle in cold water. Try to avoid the spin cycle, since it can be too hard on the material. Fabric softener can be used, but is not necessary. On the other hand, bleach should never be used with silk sheets.

Silk sheets should be air dried, but out of direct sunlight. They should never be placed in a hot dryer. A cool iron can be used on the reverse side if necessary.

Silk sheets may require special care, but they should not make life difficult. Even though it is advised to hand wash them a few times, they can be machine washed in the future. Silk sheets should be washed with a gentle soap and without bleach. They should be hung to dry. By following these tips, silk sheets should last a long time.

Pottery Barn Christmas Bedding

cardinal duvet cover pottery barn

Just in time for the holiday season, Pottery barn has their newest seasonal bedding available, and it is gorgeous as usual! Lovely red cardinals adorn snow-covered pepperberry branches in this wonderful scene that you can enjoy in your own bedroom, or in the guest bedroom over the holidays! Sketched and painted by Pottery barn’s resident artist, this pigment-printed 200-thread-count cotton percale bedding is perfect for Christmas!

This seasonal Duvet cover has interior ties and a hidden button closure; and the matching sham has an envelope closure. This makes the entire set extremely easy to remove and clean, which you’ll want to do when you take it out of storage for the holidays!

One of my personal favorite uses for holiday themed bedding is at the cottage or lakehouse, especially if its a year-round recreational property. The rustic colors and festive trees look great year round in a natural setting like a cabin.

Check back with us over the next few weeks, as we’ll be posting about a number of different holiday themed bedding ideas, from decorating to perfect gift ideas.

Marimekko Hacienda Bed Linens

Marimekko Hacienda Bed Linens

From Crate and Barrel come these gorgeous Marimekko Hacienda bed linens. When I first saw these on the Crate and Barrel website, it was love at first site, but I wanted to see them in person, so I headed over to the store downtown to see them for myself. The colors popped even more in person.

The classic Baroque patterns inspired this scrolling botanical pattern, originally designed by Maija Isola for Marimekko of Finland in 1962. Today, the Hacienda sheets and bedding set gets an eye-popping modern update in crisp white and tonal reds on 300-thread-count cotton sateen.

And don’t worry about completing your beautiful red bedroom design, as duvet inserts and bed pillows are also available at the Crate and Barrel website.

Deluxe All In One Bed Set

Deluxe All In One Bed Set

This Deluxe All In One Bed Set offers unparalleled luxury in its price range. Linens off this quality can usually be found to cost twice as much. If you’re like like me, you’ll appreciate this type of value. The Deluxe All In One Bed Set features a shimmering gold and black color against a lovely pattern of diamond fabric.

This set just exudes luxury and your bedroom will evoke an 18th century sensibility with this set in your room. Perfect for the master bedroom, this set will be a perfect complement to virtually any interior. It has an almost Victorian aesthetic to it that will make you feel like royalty! This would make the perfect gift for a college-bound young person who will need some sophisticated new bedding in their dorm room, or who just got their first apartment. Its extremely easy to keep clean, you just throw it in the wash on the coldest setting, and either dry it on a clothesline or pop it into the dryer on the coolest setting.