Should Kids Use Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow top mattresses are definitely excellent for kids. The pillow top mattresses have a firm foundation and a soft top cover that help to assure children get a safe and good rest time. This type mattress provides comfort and added protection from spills and accidents which is always a plus when considering what type of mattress to purchase for a child. The pillow top mattress has adequate support which helps to insure that your child’s back, neck and body are supported while sleeping.

Having a great night’s sleep helps children to wake refreshed and happy to begin the day’s activities. One major fact to consider when purchasing a pillow top mattress is that the cost is very reasonable and the lifetime of use is far beyond the typical mattress. This can prove to be a cost efficient move for the family that is trying to save from buying costly products.

When selecting a pillow top mattress for a child you will be happy to know that they come in a variety of soft materials which both your child and you will like. You can choose from soft cotton, down and memory foam. Other soft materials are also available to consider. Bright colors and theme patterns are available for kids pillow top mattresses which make shopping fun. When considering cost, long-life of the pillow top mattress, comfort and strength in the mattress and above all the safety of the pillow top mattress then the choice is clear that this is a wise investment for your money.

There have been no drawbacks or downfalls sited as to why a pillow top mattress should not be bought for kids. In fact, the push for buying these for children are being stressed more and more. There are a number of companies that sale the pillow top mattress for kids. Before purchasing one check with several companies compare prices, materials the pillow top mattress is made of and any warranty that comes with your purchase.

From all indications and reports you will be completely pleased and satisfied with your decision to buy a pillow top mattress for your child. Your child will also be more comfortable and have a good, restful night’s sleep on a pillow top mattress.


Crib mattresses made from organic materials are becoming more and more popular. I favor these products because they are non-allergenic, resistant to bacterial growth and extremely comfortable. Many of the synthetic materials used in mattresses today are supported by substandard coil springs, contain industrial oils and introduce gaseous chemicals into the air. It is my firm belief that organic baby crib mattresses filled with natural latex are far safer.

Picking The Right Mattress
Pure, organically-derived latex is made from natural rubber. The rubber is taken directly from trees and whipped into a soft foam. No chemicals are used to create a firm sleeping pad. This type of filler does not leave a memory imprint, which studies have shown to be potentially harmful to a baby’s physical condition. Organic cotton or wool serves as the cover material, providing a great deal of comfort.

Before purchasing any brand of organic crib mattress, check the actual filler composition. Many manufacturers have been given permission by the government to advertise their products as natural and organic, but many of these mattresses still contain up to 60 percent synthetic filler.

Better For A Baby’s Health
Babies can easily become infected with cold viruses that make contact with bedding. I have reviewed many of the organic mattresses and found that natural latex and organic cotton resist bacterial growth, greatly lessening the chance of a baby becoming sick. Some studies have also indicated a possible link between synthetic mattress materials and SIDS. Although not conclusive, much evidence points to certain chemicals in synthetic fibers as a probable cause.

Organic fillers are also quite resistant to dust mites. Repeated cleaning will not affect the natural flame resistant quality of the wool. I strongly urge all parents of newborns to consider an organic mattress.

organic kids bedding

Kid’s sensitive skin needs to be protected, and for that reason a number of parents are making the switch to organic bedding to protect their little prince and princess. In addition to providing softness and all-natural ingredients, organic bedding is flame resistant and available in a number of fantastic and decorative choices for both boy and girl.

Organic bedding including sheets, comforters, pillow cases and bumpers are available and can easily be found in a number of places. Many other pieces of bedding may also be available. If you are trying to find where to buy organic bedding for kids, start your search on the web of course! With a search the kind of bedding you are looking for (in this case – organic bedding) you should be able to find many outlets, stores and kids stores offering organic options. Try popular sites such as Amazon. com and as well.

Many local children’s stores also carry this type of bedding. They most likely offer a website as well for your convenience. Try, one of the largest toy stores for kids of all ages. While you’re at it, seek out any consignment stores local to you. Consignment stores sell new and used baby clothing and gear at a fraction of the cost, and you never know what you will stumble upon.

Now you know where to buy organic baby bedding for kids and can offer your child the best when it is time to rest. Be sure to check out a couple of different places before you make a purchase so that you to find the widest selection and the best prices.

organic baby crib mattress

As you plan for your new baby, the need for a crib and a quality mattress will eventually need to be addressed. But what kind of mattress should you purchase? The lower priced standard type mattress, or a slightly higher cost organic mattress?

The standard crib mattress comes with quite a few features you may not know about, but should be warned about. The standard synthetic mattress can give off lethal fumes as it ages, and has been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Also, the life span is said to much shorter with the standard synthetic mattress.

The organic crib mattress on the other hand, is a much safer alternative. There are no fumes to worry about as the mattress ages, and the life span is going to be much longer due to being made from natural sturdy materials like wool and cotton. You wont have to worry about dried cracked plastics and the potential fire danger of an old and aging synthetic mattress.

While the cost of the organic crib mattress may be higher then the standard synthetic design, the advantages are well worth the extra buck or two. A healthier baby makes for a happier baby, and we all want our children safe, healthy and happy. And with the added life span, your next child may enjoy the same comfort and safety as their older siblings. Definitely worth the little bit of extra money.

Stokke Sleepi Organic Crib Mattress

Stokke is a Norwegian company founded in Ålesund. Their mandate is to “creating unique, functional and long‐lasting products, attractively designed with a wide variety of accessories to provide, support, and promote well-being for both parent and child.” And this is their most breathable organic mattress.

The STOKKE organic mattress is filled with coir – which is a material made from coconut husks coated in natural latex (and if you’re as curious as I was when I heard about it – its pronounced CORE – and it comes from the Malayalam word ‘kayar’. the more you know!) from the only certified organic coir plantation in the world. There are records of coir being used as far back as the 11th century!

The coir is then wrapped in lamps wool that has been washed in lavender, lemon and eucalyptus – a process which makes it resistant to dust-mites. It completely maintains the thermal insulating properties of natural wool.

kids safe bedding

When you are purchasing a mattress and bedding for your children, you want to consider several factors. Of course you want the bedding to match the decor of their bedroom, but there are safety and health issues that need to come first.

Firstly, you would be wise to invest in a mattress pad. Kids have accidents all the time, and you want something protecting the mattress that you can clean. Stained mattresses aren’t healthy for little ones to sleep in, and replacing a mattress is an expensive endeavor for any family.

Another feature to be mindful of are the materials that that the fabric is made of. We recommend choosing organic materials when shopping for kids and baby’s bedding. Many children are highly sensitive to non-organic, non-hypoallergenic fabric. Cotton and wool are the best fabric materials, and even bamboo is a good choice. These are breathable materials, so moisture can be released from the organic kid’s bedding.

Don’t forget pillows! What your kid’s pillows are filled with should be paid attention to. Great pillows are those made with down filling, as they are cool and comfortable. You might also want to investigate molded hypoallergenic foams for children with allergies. Pillows with foam bead filling should be avoided since it has been known to be a choking hazard.

Trend Lab Crib Sheet

We love the folks at Trend Lab for several reasons. 1. They are a US company that has their thumb on the pulse of what parents are looking for in terms of safety, design and price and 2. they are certified as a women owned business by the WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) which I happen to think is a really cool aspect of their company! So its stands to reason that I can get behind a company like this, especially when they make such fantastic stuff for our babies!

This comfortable crib sheet is made with 100% cotton percale and has a delightful Heirloom design on which your baby will love to sleep. Trend Lab brings us a crib sheet that looks wonderful, feels even better, and which you will enjoy seeing in your baby’s crib.

I recommend taking a quick peek at some of the other cool styles that Trend Lab has put together, they always seem to have new things, and I always love the designs!

Organic Bamboo Co-Sleeper Sheet

This isn’t the first time I’ve recommended bamboo bedding on this site and it certainly won’t be the last! If you do the work and actually find real organic bamboo (there are plenty of pretenders to the bamboo throne out there, so be wary!) you will not be disappointed in the products you find. I have bamboo sheets for my own bed (great in summer!) and so I wanted to find some excellent organic bamboo sheets for baby, too.

Naturally antibacterial, bamboo inhibits the growth of mildew and odors – bamboo is a miracle material! It is breathable, durable and beneficial to babies skin. It is naturally absorbent to keep baby comfortable and dry. These great looking sheets are available in original, blush, natural, tulip, white, aqua, toffee and turquoise. The fabric content is 60% organic bamboo and 40% rayon, which is pretty much industry standard.

Natural Plush Sheets

As with any products on my site, I have done tons of research on the companies whose products I choose to feature, which is why you’ll find several items here by Arm’s Reach. They originally made Co-Sleepers, which are amazing for keeping you close to your newborn baby – hence that fabulous company name! If you already own a co-sleeper, then I suggest that these quality plush sheets will be the perfect compliment to the Original and Mini Co-Sleepers by Arm’s Reach.

For a list of benefits to co-sleepers, have a look at what Arm’s Reach has discovered in their countless hours of research and from a lot of feedback from parents who find it to be one of the best approaches to having your baby with you in the room while you all sleep.

olli & lime Toddler Bedding Collection

We are huge fans of all the amazing things at the olli & lime store! Not only do I love having a set of their incredibly beautiful crib sheets for my own little ones, I have found so many baby shower gifts through their site, all of which were received with huge grins from happy parents-to-be! It’s like they’ve found the perfect balance between chic and sweet!

This soft, cotton toddler bedding set comes in stunning egg design in teal. It’s small enough for a crib, yet big enough for a junior bed, so it can grow as your little one does. Combine it with the matching egg pillow and wall print for a perfectly coordinated, contemporary nursery.

Trés modern!