Khaki Striped Comforter Set

Khaki Comforter Set

Khaki and stripes. Stripes and khaki. They are both considered classic looks when it comes to textiles and there’s a very good reason! Which you can see here in this awesome comforter set! Two very popular fashion design elements come together to make a comforter set that has universal appeal. The warm Khaki Comforter Set will look outstanding in virtually every type of home decor. Focusing on simplicity, the Khaki Comforter Set shines with its earthy colors and stripe on stripe weave.

The combination of solid brown on solid khaki adds a nice dimension to the look of this set. In addition to that, the Khaki Comforter Set has thick cording to enhance durability. Everything you need to complete the look of your bedroom is included in this classic looking set.