How To Clean Silk Sheets

cleaning silk sheets

Silk sheets can be quite expensive and delicate. It is important to learn how to clean silk sheets. Below is a brief overview as to the best way to care for general silk sheets, but it is always best to follow specific care instructions for the brand that is being used.

Silk by nature is a strong fabric. It should not be washed in strong detergents that tend to strip away natural features. Woolite is a famous and gentle detergent that may people use to clean silk and other delicate materials. However, some manufacturers do not endorse the use of this soap.

The first few times that silk sheets are washed, they should be rinsed by hand to make them softer and keep them shiny. After that, they can be machine washed on a delicate cycle in cold water. Try to avoid the spin cycle, since it can be too hard on the material. Fabric softener can be used, but is not necessary. On the other hand, bleach should never be used with silk sheets.

Silk sheets should be air dried, but out of direct sunlight. They should never be placed in a hot dryer. A cool iron can be used on the reverse side if necessary.

Silk sheets may require special care, but they should not make life difficult. Even though it is advised to hand wash them a few times, they can be machine washed in the future. Silk sheets should be washed with a gentle soap and without bleach. They should be hung to dry. By following these tips, silk sheets should last a long time.