Organic Bamboo Co-Sleeper Sheet

This isn’t the first time I’ve recommended bamboo bedding on this site and it certainly won’t be the last! If you do the work and actually find real organic bamboo (there are plenty of pretenders to the bamboo throne out there, so be wary!) you will not be disappointed in the products you find. I have bamboo sheets for my own bed (great in summer!) and so I wanted to find some excellent organic bamboo sheets for baby, too.

Naturally antibacterial, bamboo inhibits the growth of mildew and odors – bamboo is a miracle material! It is breathable, durable and beneficial to babies skin. It is naturally absorbent to keep baby comfortable and dry. These great looking sheets are available in original, blush, natural, tulip, white, aqua, toffee and turquoise. The fabric content is 60% organic bamboo and 40% rayon, which is pretty much industry standard.