Crib mattresses made from organic materials are becoming more and more popular. I favor these products because they are non-allergenic, resistant to bacterial growth and extremely comfortable. Many of the synthetic materials used in mattresses today are supported by substandard coil springs, contain industrial oils and introduce gaseous chemicals into the air. It is my firm belief that organic baby crib mattresses filled with natural latex are far safer.

Picking The Right Mattress
Pure, organically-derived latex is made from natural rubber. The rubber is taken directly from trees and whipped into a soft foam. No chemicals are used to create a firm sleeping pad. This type of filler does not leave a memory imprint, which studies have shown to be potentially harmful to a baby’s physical condition. Organic cotton or wool serves as the cover material, providing a great deal of comfort.

Before purchasing any brand of organic crib mattress, check the actual filler composition. Many manufacturers have been given permission by the government to advertise their products as natural and organic, but many of these mattresses still contain up to 60 percent synthetic filler.

Better For A Baby’s Health
Babies can easily become infected with cold viruses that make contact with bedding. I have reviewed many of the organic mattresses and found that natural latex and organic cotton resist bacterial growth, greatly lessening the chance of a baby becoming sick. Some studies have also indicated a possible link between synthetic mattress materials and SIDS. Although not conclusive, much evidence points to certain chemicals in synthetic fibers as a probable cause.

Organic fillers are also quite resistant to dust mites. Repeated cleaning will not affect the natural flame resistant quality of the wool. I strongly urge all parents of newborns to consider an organic mattress.