Backyardigans kids bedding

Kids are crazy for the Backyardigans, and now you can give them a Backyardigans themed room with this colorful and vibrant bedding set. Your kids will lose their minds when they come into their room and see the faces of all their favorite characters! Uniqua, Pablo, Tasha, Tyrone, Austin, Flighty Fairy, Not-So-Nice Dragon, Wormans. All these fun and adorable characters will greet your little one’s face when they wake up in the morning and comfort them when they go to sleep at night.

This Backyardigans bedding is a comforter, sheet set and pillowcase. It is rich with fun colors and will brighten up your kid’s room. Naturally, it can be cleaned quite easily, and is very well made, so can handle all the playing (and accidents) that kid’s bedding will encounter for as long as your child loves this television show and their comforters.