kids safe bedding

When you are purchasing a mattress and bedding for your children, you want to consider several factors. Of course you want the bedding to match the decor of their bedroom, but there are safety and health issues that need to come first.

Firstly, you would be wise to invest in a mattress pad. Kids have accidents all the time, and you want something protecting the mattress that you can clean. Stained mattresses aren’t healthy for little ones to sleep in, and replacing a mattress is an expensive endeavor for any family.

Another feature to be mindful of are the materials that that the fabric is made of. We recommend choosing organic materials when shopping for kids and baby’s bedding. Many children are highly sensitive to non-organic, non-hypoallergenic fabric. Cotton and wool are the best fabric materials, and even bamboo is a good choice. These are breathable materials, so moisture can be released from the organic kid’s bedding.

Don’t forget pillows! What your kid’s pillows are filled with should be paid attention to. Great pillows are those made with down filling, as they are cool and comfortable. You might also want to investigate molded hypoallergenic foams for children with allergies. Pillows with foam bead filling should be avoided since it has been known to be a choking hazard.