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Buying a mattress is an investment. Having a good night’s sleep on a mattress that is good for you can make all the difference in how you feel physically. So how do you know if memory foam is for you?

Memory foam is a material that was invented by NASA to take into space to help astronauts with the G Force upon blastoff. Although it was never actually used for that purpose, it did find its way into hospitals and medical facilities. It helped relieve pressure on wounds and gave comfort for a patient that was unable to move.

Recently memory foam has become more affordable therefore allowing it to be an option for a home mattress. Initially a memory foam mattress can be more expensive than a traditional mattress. When purchasing memory foam mattress it is good to know that it will outlast a typical mattress and there is no need for a box spring.

People that invest in a memory foam mattress will notice improved sleep and overall more refreshed. The memory foam offers support on pressure points whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or a stomach sleeper. No matter which way you sleep, the memory foam will conform to your body and relieve pressure so you will get a better night’s sleep.

It seems there a very few drawbacks to buying a memory foam mattress. Cost may seem high initially; however it is an investment in your health. There is also an odor that new memory foam mattresses give off that will subside within a few weeks.

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The truth about mattresses is that for centuries people have just been sleeping on overly firm springs which apply too much pressure to the human body. The problem with too much pressure on the body (especially when sleeping for six or more hours) is that it can quickly lead to bodily aches and pains which are tough to treat. But what else could people possibly sleep comfortably on instead of relying on old fashion style mattress beds? Here’s another great article on the subject.

Memory foam mattresses provide exceptional relief of back and body aches caused by traditional mattresses. There are a number of benefits to sleeping on a memory foam mattress than on a spring style mattress. Firstly, a memory foam mattress forms to each and every contour of the person sleeping on it. The benefit of this is that no particular area of the back or body has too much pressure being applied. This can quickly cure the common back pains associated with sleeping on a traditional spring style mattress.

Another benefit of sleeping on a memory foam mattress is its unique ability to be slept on over and over again without becoming deformed. This is an obvious advantage because the mattress will be comfortable for a lifetime, not just for a few months after using it. A memory foam mattress is in general a better choice of mattress for anyone. Spring style mattresses may be cheaper but can never fully compare to the many different advantageous features of a modern day memory foam mattress.


When looking for comfort there is nothing better then Visco Memory Foam. This form was originally used by NASA to make the take off and landing process easier on the astronauts. It is often referred to as “visco-elastic” polyurethane foam, or low-resilience polyurethane foam. Now that technology has made the jump from space to your bedroom! This kind of memory foam is used in mattresses.

Visco Memory Foam makes a great mattress for people that have back problems. The foam gets hot when it is warm out and cold when in a cold environment. This foam is also elastic and can form to the shape of a person’s body. When used in a mattress pressure is taken off of the back while putting this pressure on other areas. These mattress can also help people with poor circulation and arthritis.
In addition to comfort Visco memory foam is good for people that have allergies.

It is hypoallergenic and will not collect dust, and is often used is hospitals for people that are immobile. When regular mattress stop blood flow to parts of the body this mattress does not, which greatly reduces the risk of gangrene development. A regular mattress can hold dust but the foam cannot. This type of mattress also lasts a lot longer then a cloth mattress. This will save money in the long run and reduce environmental waste. Visco Memory Foam is good for the body due to the reduction in pressure. Switching to this type of a mattress can help elevate health problems and improve overall well being.

Do Mattress Pads Improve Sleep?

mattress pads

The path to a good nights sleep starts with having the right mattress. Some people sleep better on a firm mattress while others get their best sleep on softer mattresses like memory foam. The firmness or softness of the mattress will really determine how comfortable an individual is able to get while sleeping. People with back pain or other body aches may find a certain firmness more desirable than others.

No matter if the sleeper chooses a firm mattress or a soft mattress there are ways to increase the comfort of that mattress and get improved sleep. There are many kind of mattress pads that have cushioning on them so laying down in bed and rolling over in bed feels more comfortable. Some of them get their cushioning from down loft and some have hypoallergenic fiber fill alternatives for people who are sensitive to down.

There are also memory foam mattress pads that are ideal for someone who already has a great mattress but loves the feel of memory foam. The memory foam mattress pad can be used over the existing mattress for the same type of feel. There are heated electric mattress pads that can be plugged in and radiate warmth to the body to promote restful sleep during cold winter months. Some mattress pads have two functions in one. They promote restful sleep by creating cushioning comfort but are made of waterproof material to serve as a mattress protector at the same time.


Crib mattresses made from organic materials are becoming more and more popular. I favor these products because they are non-allergenic, resistant to bacterial growth and extremely comfortable. Many of the synthetic materials used in mattresses today are supported by substandard coil springs, contain industrial oils and introduce gaseous chemicals into the air. It is my firm belief that organic baby crib mattresses filled with natural latex are far safer.

Picking The Right Mattress
Pure, organically-derived latex is made from natural rubber. The rubber is taken directly from trees and whipped into a soft foam. No chemicals are used to create a firm sleeping pad. This type of filler does not leave a memory imprint, which studies have shown to be potentially harmful to a baby’s physical condition. Organic cotton or wool serves as the cover material, providing a great deal of comfort.

Before purchasing any brand of organic crib mattress, check the actual filler composition. Many manufacturers have been given permission by the government to advertise their products as natural and organic, but many of these mattresses still contain up to 60 percent synthetic filler.

Better For A Baby’s Health
Babies can easily become infected with cold viruses that make contact with bedding. I have reviewed many of the organic mattresses and found that natural latex and organic cotton resist bacterial growth, greatly lessening the chance of a baby becoming sick. Some studies have also indicated a possible link between synthetic mattress materials and SIDS. Although not conclusive, much evidence points to certain chemicals in synthetic fibers as a probable cause.

Organic fillers are also quite resistant to dust mites. Repeated cleaning will not affect the natural flame resistant quality of the wool. I strongly urge all parents of newborns to consider an organic mattress.

memory foam mattresses

Beds are a pretty necessary commodity in the modern world – I for one can’t imagine not being able to sleep in a bed every night. The average person today probably has just an average spring filled mattress which when slept on over and over again can lead to back and spinal pain. Thankfully there is a solution to sleeping on a spring filled bed. Memory foam mattresses provide a nice alternative to traditional spring mattresses for a number of reasons.

For instance, a memory foam bed forms smoothly around each person’s individual contours which results in a more comfortable, well rested sleep. Another benefit to investing on this type of mattress is that no matter how many times a person sleeps on it, and no matter how much weight is applied to it, the memory foam will always “sponge” back into its original form.

Memory foam mattresses aren’t cheap though and for good reasons! Not only do memory foam mattresses provide a new way to sleep well without waking up in the night, this kind can absorb shock better than any other mattress. In fact memory foam is now a favorite choice among couples today because of the mattress’s unique ability to not wake up or disturb one’s partner while moving to or from the bed.

The benefits of owning one of these can only truly be observed after being purchased and slept upon for a few nights. The memory foam mattress is one of the world’s most unique, advanced, and comfortable mattresses on the market or in stores.