What is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a type of mattress made from polyurethane to become high density. This mattress has a softer reaction to the heat of the body allowing it to mold to the body. Once the person gets up the mattress goes back to its original shape. It also helps warm the body within a matter of minutes. Memory foam is said to be one of the most comfortable mattress made today.

Memory foam is a good cross between a soft and hard mattress, for those people who tend to have a tough time finding that perfect level (like me!) It allows comfort and firmness at the same time. The mattress is designed to react to the weight of the body. When a person lays down the mattress appears to mold to the shape of the body which does a lot to help relieves pressure points, sores, and other aliments.

The density and thickness of the mattress may vary. The higher density mattress will last a lot longer then those with a lower density. The thickness of the mattress is also important. A memory foam mattress with a thickness of two inches will have no affect on pressure points. A mattress with a thickness of six inches of more may be too soft to sleep on. A memory foam mattress should be used by adult only. You should be aware though, if you are shopping for your child – children may have trouble turning and moving on this material.

allergy bed mattress

Is your bed as safe as you think?

Our bedroom is our place of safety and comfort. After a long day at work the idea of drifting off to peaceful dreams in your bed is a comforting thought. But, one question you may never have asked yourself and probably should have is…”Am I allergic to my bed?”

There are literally millions of tiny little bugs, called dust mites, that live in our beds and in our pillows. Their left behind fecal material can wreak havoc on people with asthma or other breathing disorders. Dust mites survive by eating dead skin we leave behind as we sleep. Estimates say there are roughly 12 million of these nasty little devils in our beds. Not a good thought by any means. But what can we do to help cut down on these numbers?

It is advised to change out your pillows at least once a year and keep them covered with dust proof type pillow covers. Regularly wash your bedding in hot water and do your best to keep floors vacuumed. Sprinkling some baking soda on your carpets is said to help. And some people use baby powder on their mattresses. And of course dusting the house with a damp cloth or other device to trap dust is advisable. You will never be able to completely rid yourself of these nasty little bugs, but you may be able to keep their numbers to a minimum.

organic kids bedding

Kid’s sensitive skin needs to be protected, and for that reason a number of parents are making the switch to organic bedding to protect their little prince and princess. In addition to providing softness and all-natural ingredients, organic bedding is flame resistant and available in a number of fantastic and decorative choices for both boy and girl.

Organic bedding including sheets, comforters, pillow cases and bumpers are available and can easily be found in a number of places. Many other pieces of bedding may also be available. If you are trying to find where to buy organic bedding for kids, start your search on the web of course! With a search the kind of bedding you are looking for (in this case – organic bedding) you should be able to find many outlets, stores and kids stores offering organic options. Try popular sites such as Amazon. com and Ebay.com as well.

Many local children’s stores also carry this type of bedding. They most likely offer a website as well for your convenience. Try toysrus.com, one of the largest toy stores for kids of all ages. While you’re at it, seek out any consignment stores local to you. Consignment stores sell new and used baby clothing and gear at a fraction of the cost, and you never know what you will stumble upon.

Now you know where to buy organic baby bedding for kids and can offer your child the best when it is time to rest. Be sure to check out a couple of different places before you make a purchase so that you to find the widest selection and the best prices.

kids_hypoallergenic mattress

Nothing is more important than the health and welfare of our children. When it comes to shopping for a mattress for a child’s bedroom keep in mind a hypoallergenic mattress for kid’s bedroom is the best choice that you can make. Hypoallergenic mattresses for a young child has a number of health benefits especially if the child suffers from allergies including asthma and other breathing problems.

Most regular mattresses are made from polyurethane foam which is susceptible to mold, dust, all kinds of dirt, mites, bed bugs and other harmful micro-organisms. On the other hand hypoallergenic mattresses are specifically made from all organic materials including natural latex, organic wool and fine cotton.

Hypoallergenic mattresses for kid’s bedroom that contain organic materials are also tightly sealed making it virtually impossible for contaminants to enter and settle within the pores of the mattress.

The use of wool and fine cotton to make organic mattresses resistant to flame. Wool has a higher than average moisture content which helps contribute to its flame retardant properties.

Remember when shopping for a mattress for your child stay away from any materials that are considered artificial or man made. Your best best when shopping for a new mattress is to stick will something made from all natural fibers. Natural fiber mattresses may cost a bit more but it is worth the extra money. The health of your child is a number one priority.

washing goose down comforters

The best way to care for a goose down comforter is to have it professionally dry cleaned. However, that is both costly and not the best for the environment. Instead, care for it at home.

Set the washing machine on the gentle cycle and fill it with warm water and baby detergent. Let the machine totally fill before carefully putting the goose down comforter in the washing machine. Next, put the goose down comforter in the washing machine. I like to first inspect the comforter for any tears which need to be mended before washing.

After the cycle completes, carefully remove the goose down comforter from the washer. Sometimes the comforter will get stuck at the bottom of the washer, so make sure to take your time and not tug on the comforter.

The best way to dry your goose down comforter is by hanging it to dry. If possible, hang it outside. Otherwise, hang it on a large wall in your home. The comforter should be a single thickness to dry best.

If you absolutely must dry it in the dryer, then do so on the no heat cycle. The heat will harm your goose down comforter. If drying in the dryer, I add several dryer sheets so that the comforter will smell good on my bed.

Are Latex Mattresses Eco-Friendly?

latex mattress eco

Latex is one organic material that is originally derived from a tree known as the hevea brasiliensis tree a.k.a the rubber tree. Over the years, latex have been used in different kinds of products such as gloves, swimming caps, condoms, catheters, balloons and other products that make use of rubber. This is so due to the fact that the primary material from the production of latex is the natural rubber that continues to exist today. Thus, most of the rubber made items seen in the market in this modern day are mostly made out of latex.

As the number of uses of latex continues to increase, one of the most prominent materials today is the latex mattress. Latex mattresses can be aptly produced via two different processes. One is the Talalay process where a latex foam is filled with air and thus is lighter compare to Dunlop produced latex foam that is more dense. Nowadays, numerous synthetically made mattresses are available in the market. But nothing beats the kinds of mattresses which are naturally made from organic materials and one of which is the latex mattress.

Latex mattresses are made from freshly harvested latex producing tree and are wondrously spun to create an eco-friendly type of mattress. Each part of the mattress is naturally made with firm yet equally flexible support, permitting a rest in comfort and always at ease. In addition to this, latex mattresses harm no part of nature as compared to the synthetic types.

buckwheat pillows

There are many pillows out there claiming that they offer the best support for your neck. Well one of the better pillows available is buckwheat pillows. These pillows are very affordable and are great for relaxing at home or while on vacation. One of the best places to purchase these wonderful pillows is originalbuckwheatpillows.com. They have a huge selection of pillows and are very affordable.

One of their more popular selections is the Ergonomic Lumbar Pillow. The best feature about this pillow is that is allows air circulation to pass through it. This allows the pillow to remain cool and dry at all times. No longer will you have to flip the pillow over again to get to the cool side. Another great thing about this pillow is that it does not compress under pressure. This is great because the pillow will remain soft and support the neck when you sleep. This in turn reduces the stress and pain on the person’s neck. Normal pillows do not have this feature, which is why this pillow is popular among many people. People can pay with check, debit cards, and any other method of payment.

Another popular pillow made by this company is the Comfort Bolster. Again, this pillow also has constant air circulation flowing through it making it cool at all times. The pillow is made out of Human consumption grade A buckwheat hulls. The pillow also provides nice support to the neck allowing people to get a good night’s sleep.

What is a Buckwheat Pillow?

buckwheat pillow inside

Buckwheat pillows are an alternative to more traditional types of pillows that provide support for the head and neck while also helping alleviate other body aches and pains. They are specially designed to improve sleep and enhance comfort, and feature tiny buckwheat hulls sewn inside a soft, sturdy outer fabric.

Many people use pillows that are filled with synthetic fibers, foam or down. Although these types of pillows are comfortable when they are new, they eventually lose volume as their contents become compressed. Pillows that become flattened with regular use do not conform to the shapes of a user’s head and neck, which results in uncomfortable bending and straining in the neck region. Buckwheat pillows offer a solution to common problems associated with worn-out pillows. This kind of pillow are filled with small, durable hulls that will not lose their volume, allowing them to maintain their original shape after years of use. They continuously support the shape of a user’s head, neck and shoulders by molding to the body’s contours. This helps eliminate pain in the upper half of the body, headaches and restless sleep patterns.

Buckwheat pillows are a natural alternative to cushions containing synthetic materials. They do not contain toxins that can harm the body. Instead, the pillows’ buckwheat hulls come from organically grown plants. These hulls allow air flow within a pillow form, keeping the pillow fresh and ventilated on a daily basis. Some buckwheat pillows also feature aromatherapy benefits, which help enhance the quality of sleep.

mattress replacement

A mattress is something that everyone is going to have in their home. When it’s time to get a new one, most people don’t know when it’s time to purchase a new one. Since mattresses only have a limited shelf life, it’s best to invest into a new one at least every ten years to ensure that you’re getting a good night’s rest. I wanted to give you some signs that you should look out for when you know it’s time to replace that mattress in your home.

When is it Time to Get a New Mattress?

Look for pain: Are you waking up in the morning with severe back aches or you just don’t feel as if you didn’t get a good night’s rest? This is one the main signs that you should look out for when your mattress is going bad. As a mattress ages over time, it can lose it’s support as well as sink in some areas making it quite uncomfortable. While flipping the mattress can work to an extent, it will only become a temporary solution.

Look for sagging: Take a close look at your mattress from a distance and see if it sags toward the middle or the edges. If the mattress is starting to sag, this is a sure sign that the springs are starting to go bad. As time goes on, most springs will begin to fail, just making the mattress even worse.

I can tell you right now is that if you get a better night’s rest at a friend’s house or even a hotel, it’s going to be a sure sign that your mattress has to go. Consider using the tips above to see if it’s time for a new mattress.

washing bedding

There are a number of factors to consider when determining how often you should wash your organic bedding. Dust settles on your bed, including the pillows, everyday, while dust mites leave fecal pellets, and other debris in your bedding, including the mattress. Add in your own skin cells and oils, and you have a large mess. For this reason, sheets should be washed a minimum of once a week, with regular detergent, in hot water of at least 77°F. This is hot enough to kill the majority of the mites.

Your sleepwear will also affect the frequency of cleaning. If you wear pajamas to bed, your sheets only need to be washed once a week. However, if you sleep in your birthday suit, you will want to wash your sheets twice a week, or more.

Blankets and comforters should be washed once a week as well, if you do not use a flat sheet. The flat sheet helps to keep the blankets protected from the oils in your skin, as well as dead skin cells. Blankets should be washed every two weeks, and comforters should be washed at least once a month. If you are not sure how often to wash your sheets, and other organic bedding, err on the side of caution, and wash everything once a week.

Pillows should be washed two to four times a year to prevent the yellowing associated with the oils in your skin, and to prevent a build up of dust mites.