Trend Lab Crib Sheet

We love the folks at Trend Lab for several reasons. 1. They are a US company that has their thumb on the pulse of what parents are looking for in terms of safety, design and price and 2. they are certified as a women owned business by the WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) which I happen to think is a really cool aspect of their company! So its stands to reason that I can get behind a company like this, especially when they make such fantastic stuff for our babies!

This comfortable crib sheet is made with 100% cotton percale and has a delightful Heirloom design on which your baby will love to sleep. Trend Lab brings us a crib sheet that looks wonderful, feels even better, and which you will enjoy seeing in your baby’s crib.

I recommend taking a quick peek at some of the other cool styles that Trend Lab has put together, they always seem to have new things, and I always love the designs!

Organic Bamboo Co-Sleeper Sheet

This isn’t the first time I’ve recommended bamboo bedding on this site and it certainly won’t be the last! If you do the work and actually find real organic bamboo (there are plenty of pretenders to the bamboo throne out there, so be wary!) you will not be disappointed in the products you find. I have bamboo sheets for my own bed (great in summer!) and so I wanted to find some excellent organic bamboo sheets for baby, too.

Naturally antibacterial, bamboo inhibits the growth of mildew and odors – bamboo is a miracle material! It is breathable, durable and beneficial to babies skin. It is naturally absorbent to keep baby comfortable and dry. These great looking sheets are available in original, blush, natural, tulip, white, aqua, toffee and turquoise. The fabric content is 60% organic bamboo and 40% rayon, which is pretty much industry standard.

Natural Plush Sheets

As with any products on my site, I have done tons of research on the companies whose products I choose to feature, which is why you’ll find several items here by Arm’s Reach. They originally made Co-Sleepers, which are amazing for keeping you close to your newborn baby – hence that fabulous company name! If you already own a co-sleeper, then I suggest that these quality plush sheets will be the perfect compliment to the Original and Mini Co-Sleepers by Arm’s Reach.

For a list of benefits to co-sleepers, have a look at what Arm’s Reach has discovered in their countless hours of research and from a lot of feedback from parents who find it to be one of the best approaches to having your baby with you in the room while you all sleep.

olli & lime Toddler Bedding Collection

We are huge fans of all the amazing things at the olli & lime store! Not only do I love having a set of their incredibly beautiful crib sheets for my own little ones, I have found so many baby shower gifts through their site, all of which were received with huge grins from happy parents-to-be! It’s like they’ve found the perfect balance between chic and sweet!

This soft, cotton toddler bedding set comes in stunning egg design in teal. It’s small enough for a crib, yet big enough for a junior bed, so it can grow as your little one does. Combine it with the matching egg pillow and wall print for a perfectly coordinated, contemporary nursery.

Trés modern!

Lovey Baby Blanket

First things first: what the heck is a lovey baby blanket? Its a question I didn’t know the answer to until I had my own baby, and then I was quickly filled in by some fellow moms who swore by them. They are basically just mini baby blankets, and my mom friends recommended I have several on hand since little ones tend to get very attached to them! One of my mom friends even sleeps with the lovey blankets the night before giving it to her baby, so that the blanket absorbs some of mom’s skin scent! She swears by it!

This lovely Lovey Blanket is soft to the touch and perfect for snuggling up. Constructed of 100% Cotton, it’s rich in texture on each side and ivory in color, and it’s machine washable, which is pretty much a must have feature for any baby product!

Unison Larch Organic Blanket

Unison Larch Organic Blanket

If you’re looking for a modern, organic bedding set, look no further than Unison’s Larch collection. Made entirely from 100% organic cotton and featuring the softest touch around. The quality is top notch; and this Unison Larch Organic Blanket is made in Portugal, where fair labor is ensured by laws.

Designed with sheer graphic tones, this blanket is printed on one side and the backside reverses to white for a wonderful contrast that will look absolutely perfect in any bedroom. In fact, the reversible aspect of these sheets is what drew me to them in the first place! It’s such a great idea to add some variety to your bedding, and much less expensive than buying two separate sets!

Bamboo Cotton Pillowcase

Bamboo Cotton Pillowcase

Unison’s core collection consists of 100% cotton that is either hand-printed or screen-printed in the United States or Portugal. Their organic products are made with 100% organic fibers from certified organic plants and have a been certified as such.

This means that no hazardous, toxic, or harmful chemicals are used in any part of the production. In effect, there are no residual chemicals in the final products that are harmful to people. Lightweight and smooth, the material is naturally antibacterial, cool and moisture-wicking.

Also important to mention is how soft and comfortable bamboo fabric is! I can’t think of a more appropriate material to lay your head on at night!

Inhabit Organic Flat Sheet

If you’re familiar with my other reviews, you know I’m a big fan of Inhabit. I don’t know of a lot of other companies that so consistently create patterns and designs that inspire me the way theirs do. I can’t think of a single room in my house that doesn’t have some element in it inspired by their lovely designs.

Inhabit uses the most perfect thread counts matched with the right fabrics to guarantee ridiculous softness and comfort. The Morning Glory Organic Flat Sheet from Inhabit is made from certified bamboo and organic cotton, making it anti-bacterial and breathable. You might find yourself being late for work, missing sunday mass and staying in bed all day long where these sheets are concerned.

Sin In Linen Wallflower Sheet Set

You will be all ready for bed with the Sin in Linen Wallflower Sheet Set that is reminiscent of wallpaper prints of Paris bordellos. This collection of 100% cotton sateen, 300-thread count sheets called Wallflower, has all the curves and panache of a burlesque dancer. No longer Wallflowers, these shrinking violets are ready for bed!

Sin In is actually a very cool company based in Seattle. The founder, Sandy Glaze, has a very cool style that she infuses into all of the products on her site, and coolest of all, she’s a Founding Member of the roller derby league Rat City Rollergirls skating as Ann Munition! Now thats the kind of company I can stand behind!

Whispersilk Sheet Set

Finally, a comfortable yet elegant silk-like sheet set available at a fraction of the cost. Make your sheets the focal point of the bedroom with the Whispersilk Sheet Set. This beautiful sheet set washes wrinkle free and with no shrinkage. Now you can have the romance and passion of silk sheets with out the hefty price tag and impractical maintenance.

I’ve had a couple emails about whispersilk – apparently some folks are confused because the brand name has the word “silk” in it, so people think that these are silk sheets! They are not, but they actually feel exactly like silk, and look as smooth and shiny as you would expect real silk to. The difference is in the care and in the price.